www.apextelecom.net is a part of Apex Group. Apex Group is one of India’s prominent business houses established in the year 2004 with a diverse portfolio of assets in software development, business solutions, online gaming, investigations, technology-enabled services, infrastructure development, water treatment and online-education.
In the business solutions division, Apex has given business and software solutions to more than 800 companies across India. In the process, it has developed contacts of more than 5 million hard core marketing persons. These marketing persons are geared to sell anything and everything with their contacts.
The business solution developed by Apex is unique and resembles self employment generation to the subscribers and consumers of the respective companies. Till now Apex has been a back bone to several companies, who sell Insurance, consumer durables, real estate, financial products, etc. The solution is so powerful, that a single entity sells more than 1000 insurance policies per day.
In the present scenario, there is an ambiguity of Network Marketing in India. To avoid any future complications, we have created one more platform called www.apexmarket.net, where all our subscribers and customers can keep their earning options open with any level commissions. This will open up a totally new opportunity with a decent return for utilizing the sales and marketing skills of the people who enter Apex Telecom. We have analysed the strengths and weakness of our Networkers and have designed this opportunity, where one can work from their mobiles using their social contacts and make profits. Here, there is no Investment is needed.
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