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Hand book on Effects Of Radiation
Buy this hand book for just Rs.450 and understand the effects of Electro Magnetic Radiations emitted from Mobile Phones on the human body. This book is compiled from the best published articles after a lot of study and research. Once a person reads this book, the person gets the in depth knowledge about radiation. The best way to get protection from Radiation is to avoid the mobile phone. We are also providing an Anti Radiation Patch as a Free Gift along this book. This patch shall be helpful in reducing the EMF radiations from the mobile phones. Though there is no scientific proof that how this patch works, but, the people who used this product has give a feedback that there has been lot of reduction of heat from the mobile phone, stress related to prolonged phone conversations, eye strain, etc has been considerably reduced. Based on the consumer’s feedback, we advise all mobile phone users to use this patch as a precaution.
1 Anti Radiation Patch
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