About Us

Apex Original Products is the brain child of Sri.P.Suresh who is the managing director of Apex web Services and Online Education Pvt Ltd. The company was started in the year 2004 for software development and alternate marketing.

Apex has now developed a new marketing strategy called "Hybrid marketing" In this type of marketing, the company creates a network of customers, loyal customers and traders. Apex has done immense research and has been in marketing activity since its inception. The company has not only developed software for its own purpose, but has developed software for more than 3500 marketing companies. In the process, it has acquired immense knowledge about marketing, customer psychology, trader psychology, etc.

Apex knows the importance of human health care and its business potential. At the same time, it has seen that today's people are looking for alternate treatment like Ayruveda, Homeopathy, etc. As you all know that India is known for ancient ayurveda. Apex has also been watching the developments of Ayurveda field and the Governments Initiatives for the development of Ayurveda.

At this juncture, Apex has joined hands with few reputed manufacturers to market the original products and protect the consumers from using duplicate products. It has joined hands with both Ayurvedic and homeopathic product manufacturers.

Why Apex - As we have mentioned above that we market only original products and we also give value added services for our Loyal Customers. We give Free consultation in Auyrveda and Homeopathy to our Loyal Customers. The consultation can be telephonic, electronic or even personally. Our panel of doctors will understand the health issues faced by our Loyal Customers and prescribe the best medicines, food supplements, physical activity, yoga and pranayama. Customers can buy the prescribed products from their nearest trader and can order online too.

In homeopathy, we has tied up with Positive Homeopathy, who are having 30+ clinics across 5 states as of now. Our Loyal Customers can walk-in at any of the clinics to get best treatment. We will be conducting regular health camps and invite our Loyal Customers to get a personal consultation. In homeo, we also provide schemes, where an individual or couple can avail unlimited consultations with medicines for a period of 10 years.

The list of benefits continues and keeps on updating as per the needs of our beloved customers. For latest updates, please contact your local trader, team leader or keep visiting our website and mobile application.


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