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Product Description
Relive daily is a rich source of omega 3,6,9 fatty acids known as Alpha linolenic acids.
It supports reduce the risk of heart attacks, high blood pressure,high cholesterol levels ,diabetes,obesity and many more health benefits.
2 caps along with breakfast & 2caps along with dinnerdirected by physician
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Promo Code Acceptances Policy :
1. Promo Code will be asked to enter whenever the transaction results 50 BV or more.
2. Promo Code will be optional.
3. Promo code is locked to the user who received the code.
4. After promo code is applied, the transaction BV must be deducted by 50 BV and the balance BV must be counted for the transaction. For e.g., a transaction of Rs.750 is resulting in 75 BV, then, if the promo code is applied, then the customer wallet will be debited with Rs 700 only and only 25 BV is calculated for the transaction.
5. For one transaction, only one promo code can be applied.